e-Tailing the Big Opportunity in India

e-Retailing Opportunity IndiaThe market size of the retail industry in India is likely to have exceeded US$600bn in CY13. India is different with regard to other developed economies in that a large proportion of the retail market in the country is unorganised, with a proliferation of mom and pop stores. The organised sector represented just 16% of total retail sales in India in CY12 as against 85% in the US (though for China the organized sector is a lower 20% as well).

Food and grocery is the largest retail category in India, representing 60% of total spend, with clothing being second with 10% of total retail sales. Since food and grocery is not generally easily amenable to online purchases and the fact that electronics and general merchandise (more…)

AllSchoolStuff.com Online Retailer for School / Kids supplies

All-School-stuff AllSchoolStuff.Com is the first organized retail brand in the unorganized $10bn school supplies market in India. The Company provides a one stop solution to meet the diverse product needs of a school going child through its large range of merchandise ranging from children books, stationery, learning products, uniforms and footwear, bags & bottles, furniture & furnishings, educational toys & games, birthday gifts and sports items. The Company lists over 25000+ unique products on its store, sourced from over 200+ top notch brands and suppliers.

AllSchoolStuff.com at the end of first year has over 250,000+ registered users, located in over 1000+ cities across the country. AllSchoolStuff is now shipping (more…)