Working / Dating Etiquette – Barista / Cafe Coffee Day

Working and Dating Etiquette at Barista / CCDAs Coffee Shops have evolved into from just being Coffee Shops offering Wi-Fi and the Best Infrastructure for Work / Pleasure, consumers are increasingly using them to finish off their sales report, customer meetings, etc. In the context of Youth they have been a good place for Dating. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts unofficially released by CCD and Barista for the benefit of this new eco-system.

If you are working then,
Buy a Drink every 2 Hours or maybe at even lesser interval if the store is busy.
Buy Food depending on Lunch / Dinner Time
Use Headphones when you have to listen to Audio
Talk Softly when you are on the Conference Call
Throw away your own Trash and
Tip the Staff Well
While on a Date, Be Pleasant in your Talk

Never Hog the Free Wi-Fi freedom provided for you
Long Meetings involving Arguments or Noisy Discussions should be Avoided
Avoid Arguments over your Personal Matter / Breakups
Never stay their for more than 4 hours [Maybe Hop to the Next One]
Never ask the Staff to watch your stuff if you have to step out for a Smoke
Public Display of Affection while on a Date is not Encouraged here

The above article is published after the matter has been in circulation with some Retail Analysts on whether these Rules should become part of very Coffee Chain. So it is in the hands of consumers to be Polite and Adapting ๐Ÿ™‚