Baskin Robins now has competition from Italian Milano Ice-Creams

Milano Ice-Creams IndiaItalian Ice-Cream Retailer Milano rolled out its operations in India from southern city of Kochi. Sara Calderoni chose Kochi over Mumbai or New Delhi because of her familiarity with the city and her past business experience locally which tells her that citizens welcome new brands.

Milano is home-made, Fresh, 100% Vegetarian and Organic Ice-Cream. The ice cream producing unit and the display console are imported from Italy. Certain ingredients are imported from Italy and the rest will be sourced locally from selected vendors keeping quality of the product in mind.

Milano will produce 24 flavors compared to 31 from Baskin Robins. Most of these flavors are localized to suit the taste buds of Indians. For kids below 10, they’ll offer free home delivery during Christmas and New Year’s eve. Adding to Milano’s advantages is the tropical climate of the city and the cosmopolitan outlook which will help sell more SKUs.

Vadilal, Kwality, Amul etc check out you have more competition from foreign turf.