Ishanya Mall – Pune Review

Location Photoshot of Ishanya Mall PuneIshanya Mall in Pune is a single sourcing point for 52 categories of products and services, materials and knowledge, drawn from across the best in India and across the globe. With over 50 stores open, Ishanya offers very wide choices – right from the truly price competitive to the ultra-designer league. Ishanya is emerging as a pan-India platform for architects, designers, manufacturers, consumers and also the arts and culture community.

By night Ishanya converts into the cultural hub of Pune and form the backup for performing arts, music and multimedia shows or even a venue for corporate events. Ishanya is truly unique as it offers art galleries, specialised centres for design, training and research, seminars and exhibitions, features that will truly make it a design destination like never before. Moreover, it is the only Design Centre endorsed by the Indian Institute of Interior Designers (IIID) and Confederation of Construction Products and Services (CCPS).

You can view the list of Stores at Ishanya Mall Pune Here. For Retail Business, contact the Mall Management at +91-20-40004000, 40004029 Mr. Shah.