K Lifestyle’s – The Grab Store

K Lifestyle promoted “The Grab Store” is earmarked Rs 100 crore for setting up 50 new stores across PAN India. These stores are multi-brand outlets stocking national and international brands and run discounts throughout the year.

The first K Lifestyle Grab Store is operational in Mumbai. The company will expand to Tier-II and Tier-III cities as well. Ms Snigddha Kar, Marketing Head, K Lifestyle added,

A lot of customers aspire to own brands but cannot afford it. So we think launching a discount store is a good proposition. We will have most of the Indian brands and international ones like Nike, Adidas and Levis among others.

Estimated cost in setting up each store can be between Rs 5 to Rs 6 million and the size of each store will be atleast 5,000 sft. The company’s main competitors will be Arvind Mills’ Megamart.