Local Luxury Brands More Popular in India than Global Ones

When it comes to Luxury Retailing in India, localities prefer home grown brands rather than Global brands. Having seen neighbors going out to France or Europe for shopping in 90s and early 2000, this comes as a surprise to me as well.
Luxury Retailing in IndiaIn a survey conducted by American Time magazine, its is found that four out of the top five brands on the minds of young Indians – Park Avenue, Allen Solly, Reid and Taylor and Wills Lifestyle are domestic labels. Swiss watch Rolex is the only hot favorite amongst Indian men in the top five. However, Chinese and Russian counterparts prefer French and other western labels.

Most Indian women have vowed to preserve the Sari and other cultural and traditional dresses as Luxury wear.

The survey also tells that 58% of Indians prefer high quality, 55% go for high reputation and 50% for latest trends in fashion. So if you are an aspiring retailer in India, you know what Indians are looking for 🙂