Raymond’s Park Avenue Stores for Women

Raymond after revealing there strategy to take the fight towards Kids market now have become very serious about Women’s wear. In September we had written about ColorPlus’s strategy for the corporate Indian women. Today we have coverage on Park Avenue Western Wear for Women.
Raymond has set an ambitious target to conquer 25% of the organized women’s wear retail market. Shreyas Joshi, President of Raymond Appareal said,

We are building exclusive store lines and three stores of our Rs 250 crore brand Park Avenue will come up in Delhi and one each in Bangalore and Mumbai exclusively for the smart Indian women. We will treat women’s stores as an independent brand.

Apart from western wear and accessories brands, Raymond also has the Be brand of casual wear for the Indian women. Until last month Be brand was operating as a niche brand, but it will be re-launched soon without the niche and elite tag to attract youth and other trendy woman of India by launching the contemporary in fashion.