Reliance Jewels – Neighbor’s Pride – Jewellers Enemy

You are Reading this First HereOur retail analyst has done a commendable job. She stopped by Reliance Jewels retail shop in Jaynagar, Bangalore and finds that the price of jewelery is little lesser than her regular jeweller. She expressed saying that it was full value for money store. Also, Reliance has very favorable exchange policies towards consumers.

The best part of Reliance Jewels which has irked traditional jewelers is that for your old 916 gold ornaments, Reliance Jewels doesn’t charge any wastage [A Common practice among jewellers to rip off customers.] They are charging some Rs 60 flat fees, but it may vary on the number and quantity of jewels you take, but overall our analyst said it was a big relief to the Indian women.

So what these organized retailers are doing is solving problems of common man long ignored by the arrogant and uncourteous traditional jewellers with no brand value and no customer care.