Kiosk Retail Business Model – Case Studies + Analysis

Mr. Orange Kiosk Retail IndiaWe explained to you What is Kiosk Retailing and Why someone opts for the same in our post earlier this week. We will now cover on various Kiosk Retail Business Models in Vogue in India.

Mr. Orange from MX Foods sells fresh fruits juices from its orange shaped kiosks that were innovatively designed in Spain.

Reliance Money began its operations since its inception through kiosk retail to reach out as many customers as possible. It has already deployed 2,500 kiosks selling financial products and services to customers across the country. Present at Reliance Money, Barista Coffee, Big Cinemas, DTDC.

Kaya Skin Clinic has deployed over 25 kiosks provides convenience and access to product purchase and service and acts as a point of customer acquisition for potential clients. You can also arrange for skin-care camps and doctor consultations. Camps are usually arranged during weekends at high footfall areas.

Coffee Day Xpress from CCD which revolutionised the concept of Coffee in India is also present in kiosk retail format. It already has over 800 kiosks in Foodcourts, malls, corporate business parks, hospitals etc. Fits in 60 sft area and each kiosk comes with hot coffee – bean-to-cup machine, a blender, a cold coffee and a thick shake machine, pastry, cooler, microwave and refrigerator. They are available to franchisees and the business can go live as early as 10 days after the agreement is signed.

Before you decide to jump into setting up a Kiosk Retail business, you should look at the following,

  • Footfall in the mall and that particular location and the average ticket size of the mall
  • Direction of footfall and shopper’s mood + visibility
  • Demographic and Psychographic profile of the residential catchments
  • Swift roll-out
  • Fleibility in rolling or transporting to different location whenever required

Note that too many Kiosks may dampen your sales as well as that of retailers next door. Make sure that Kiosk doesn’t come in the way of window shoppers and you keep the walking area clear. Ultimately, it is the consumer experience we are banking on ๐Ÿ™‚