Bata India Premium Brands did well, store closures were significant

Bata India Premium BrandsIndia’s Leading Footwear retail chain, Bata India has added 95 new stores and renovated 83 stores in CY 2013. However, the company seems to have also closed a high number of stores during CY13 indicated by the disposal / reduction on the Gross block of fixed assets. The store closures though would be older small sized stores, which were not necessarily located in prime locations and would not be performing well as they are constrained by the location and product range.

In CY13, we note that premium brands (more…)

How Bata Built India’s Largest Footwear Chain of Stores ?

How Bata Built Successful retail Model in India Footwear as a category of consumption is fairly under penetrated, with rapidly rising competitive intensity. Consequently, the key competitive advantages for out-performance in Indian footwear retail.

Bata India is the largest (over 1200 exclusive retail outlets) and one of the fastest growing footwear retailers in India. The Bata Shoe Organisation provides an important interchange of new manufacturing technologies, machine design, factory layout plans, advertising, market forecasts, fashion trends, modern marketing techniques, and new material testing.

Bata’s business model
Nearly 82% of Bata’s revenues are related to the retail channel, with the balance relating to the wholesale channel. The retail channel includes: (a) Bata-branded flagship stores; (b) Bata-branded family stores; (c) Hush-Puppies-branded stores; and (d) Footin-branded stores. (more…)