How Indian Lifestyle / Specialty Retailers Diving Growth Through Innovation ?

Indian Lifsetyle ShoppingDespite the economic slowdown, leading lifestyle / specialty Indian retailers managed to stay competitive in the last 2 years. Their continued investments in branding and innovation, distribution network and supply chain have given them a significant competitive edge to mitigate any disruptive challenges.

How can you Drive Growth Through Innovation in Retail ?
Titan has been focusing on intensive category development efforts despite the sharp slowdown in jewellery sales. The company has launched (more…)

Reliance Retail Footprint Expands to 142 Cities with 1577 Stores

Reliance Retail Business UpdateIn the past three years, organized retail players have seen their profitability erode on the back of rising rentals, high power costs, levy of service tax and above all a poor consumer sentiment. Amidst these headwinds, Reliance Retail has seen its retail business report a strong performance. Reliance Retail, now a pan India player has a presence in 141 cities with 1,577 stores covering over 10.7mn square feet. In terms of profitability, the company turned around at the end of FY13 at the EBIDTA level.

We expect penetration of organized retail to continue to increase as the presence (more…)

How Bata Built India’s Largest Footwear Chain of Stores ?

How Bata Built Successful retail Model in India Footwear as a category of consumption is fairly under penetrated, with rapidly rising competitive intensity. Consequently, the key competitive advantages for out-performance in Indian footwear retail.

Bata India is the largest (over 1200 exclusive retail outlets) and one of the fastest growing footwear retailers in India. The Bata Shoe Organisation provides an important interchange of new manufacturing technologies, machine design, factory layout plans, advertising, market forecasts, fashion trends, modern marketing techniques, and new material testing.

Bata’s business model
Nearly 82% of Bata’s revenues are related to the retail channel, with the balance relating to the wholesale channel. The retail channel includes: (a) Bata-branded flagship stores; (b) Bata-branded family stores; (c) Hush-Puppies-branded stores; and (d) Footin-branded stores. (more…)

Nostalgia Ties Vimal to Reliance – Offers over 1,000 Franchisees

Vimal is the first and the heritage brand of controversial Reliance Group which marked its entry into the Indian textile market. Vimal was named after Dhirubhai’s nephew, was revamped in 2007 with the groups foray into retail business.

In a fresh communique, Reliance has released “1,500 new outlets across India waiting for you” with new Tag Line Dressing up New India wants to send a signal that it is not an end of road for the brand yet. The message also highlights Indian Woman in Western Wear which is something Reliance was averse to but maybe with changing times they mad adopt and cater to the growing aspirations of Indian women. (more…)