Bata Gearing to Get a Bigger Foot in Organized Footwear + eCommerce Initiatives

BataBets on eCommerce and Store ExpansionIn the 60% Unorganized Footwear Retail Market in India, Market Leader BATA is making the right investments in advertising, brand building and store expansion as it plans to add 100 stores on net basis going forward, much higher than the 30 stores added in CY13. It is also evaluating opening of exclusive Hush Puppies stores and Foot In stores in Tier 2 and 3 markets.

Bata operates stores under 2 formats namely – City stores which are based in metros, Tier 2 and malls and operates in (more…)

How Bata Built India’s Largest Footwear Chain of Stores ?

How Bata Built Successful retail Model in India Footwear as a category of consumption is fairly under penetrated, with rapidly rising competitive intensity. Consequently, the key competitive advantages for out-performance in Indian footwear retail.

Bata India is the largest (over 1200 exclusive retail outlets) and one of the fastest growing footwear retailers in India. The Bata Shoe Organisation provides an important interchange of new manufacturing technologies, machine design, factory layout plans, advertising, market forecasts, fashion trends, modern marketing techniques, and new material testing.

Bata’s business model
Nearly 82% of Bata’s revenues are related to the retail channel, with the balance relating to the wholesale channel. The retail channel includes: (a) Bata-branded flagship stores; (b) Bata-branded family stores; (c) Hush-Puppies-branded stores; and (d) Footin-branded stores. (more…)

India Organized FootWear / Shoes Retail Chain & Brands Review

The Indian footwear is growing at over 10% annually, with the organised segment growing at almost double the industry. Domestic footwear market, estimated at ~Rs 250-300bn, posted CAGR of 10% over 2006-11, With increasing consumption, growing popularity of online shopping, higher affordability and rising income level, per capita footwear consumption is expected to rise to 2.2x from present of 1.87x.

Indian Footwear market is the third largest in terms of pairs sold after China and the United States. The chart below shows rising per capita of footwear / shoes consumption in India. (more…)