How Patanjali is redefining FMCG Retail in India?

Patanjali - Redefine FMCG retailPatanjali currently has a product portfolio spanning 800 SKUS in 37 categories, and now competes with every major FMCG in one or more categories. In addition, it is consistently adding new categories and setting up new plants across India – thereby broadening its manufacturing, customer, and revenue base. Currently, Patanjali has a reach of 200,000 outlets vs. 4mn for larger FMCGs; however, it is continuously expanding its reach by appointing new distributors. With the top management comprising majorly of visionaries, and middle and lower management recruited from top Indian/MNC FMCGs, the company is building the right human resource base for (more…)

How Indian Lifestyle / Specialty Retailers Diving Growth Through Innovation ?

Indian Lifsetyle ShoppingDespite the economic slowdown, leading lifestyle / specialty Indian retailers managed to stay competitive in the last 2 years. Their continued investments in branding and innovation, distribution network and supply chain have given them a significant competitive edge to mitigate any disruptive challenges.

How can you Drive Growth Through Innovation in Retail ?
Titan has been focusing on intensive category development efforts despite the sharp slowdown in jewellery sales. The company has launched (more…)

Guest Post: Evolution phase in India Retail Industry: Who’s Up To What?

Online Shopping IndiaStrategic innovations and quick adaptation to the emerging trends in Retail industry is happening round the clock as the global retailers prepare themselves for the fierce competition posed by their peers. And the India’s story is no different; below are some facts to substantiate that.

  • India has over 230 million Internet users and since 2009, it has witnessed more than 1,200 e-commerce firms opening shop in the country.
  • (more…)

India Organized FootWear / Shoes Retail Chain & Brands Review

The Indian footwear is growing at over 10% annually, with the organised segment growing at almost double the industry. Domestic footwear market, estimated at ~Rs 250-300bn, posted CAGR of 10% over 2006-11, With increasing consumption, growing popularity of online shopping, higher affordability and rising income level, per capita footwear consumption is expected to rise to 2.2x from present of 1.87x.

Indian Footwear market is the third largest in terms of pairs sold after China and the United States. The chart below shows rising per capita of footwear / shoes consumption in India. (more…)

Current Market Size of Various Retail Segments in India – Food & Grocery, Electronics, Apparels, etc

We’d like to present the Current Market Sizes of Various Segments of the Indian Retail Industry. Food and grocery remained the single largest retail category in 2011 in India with sales of 16,25,000 crore accounting for 69% of the total retail market. Organised retail accounted for a little below 3% of the sales in this category.

Electronics – Consumer Durable, IT and Mobile market is one of the largest categories of consumption in India. The market has been historically operated through the traditional channel that occupies nearly 85% of the trade. The CDIT market in India is estimated at Rs 115,000 crore in 2011. The current market is growing at over 13% and is expected to touch Rs 215,000 crore by 2016 (not including services).

Apparels Market (more…)