Organic Haus – Product Range , Positioning in Indian market

Organic Haus - Product Range and PositioningThis is the Second Part of the Two Part Coverage on Organic Haus [First Part is here]

Organic Haus – Products Range in India
They have a wide range of products and all of them are vegetarian. Vegetables and fruits for the juices are harvested at full moon and bottled using a heat shot (similar to vacuum packing) so that they remain preserved for a longer time. Typically, they have a shelf life of a year and need to be consumed within a few days of being opened.

Juices with no added sugar or (more…)

Organic Haus – Bringing India The Taste of Real Organic Food

Organic Haus - Real Organic Food StoreIf you have been using Luxury Products such as the Montblanc Watches or Writing instruments then the name Dilip Doshi may not be new to you. Mr. Doshi was the first import license holder in India for luxury goods in the early 1990s.

Mr. Doshi happened to live in London and came in close proximity to Germany for business purposes. He discovered Organic Food when he shopped for high-quality food, and soon it became his way of life. Then, one day, he thought it was time to introduced this concept to fellow countrymen (more…)

How Brand Heritage is used in Marketing ? Does Age Really Matter ?

How Much does the Age of Retail Brand MatterIt is not uncommon to see around us Retailers citing the year they were established either as a part of their merchandising [Embossed in logo or as Established 1892, etc. We often wonder if age really matters. Do customers care about Brand Heritage ? And if they do, does old age always work in a brand’s favor ? These are some of the questions we’ll address with our case study.

When Advertising the Brand’s Age Works ?
In the luxury market, heritage is synonymous with both quality and prestige, so high-end brands flaunt their heritage to convey years of acquired expertise and craftsmanship. For example Coach thinks that imprinting the year it was established is a reminder (more…)

Tata’s Marriage with Starbucks by FDI, helps Himalayan Find Space on Global Retail Shelves

Mount Everest Mineral Waters, a subsidiary of Tata Global Beverages, manufacture premium brand mineral water Himalayan. Himalayan facd distribution hurdles and even acceptance in local market. However, the marriage of Tata’s with Starbucks world’s leading Coffee chain to establish Tata Starbucks Coffee outlets in India has helped the former win retail shelf space for Himalayan across overseas outlets of Starbucks. If you have read our articles on FDI in retail, we highlighted and stressed on this benefit where India Private Labels and vendors could gain access to Global Markets.

Tata Global Beverages acquired (more…)

Croma Care Center – After Sales Service for TV, AC, Refrigerator, Consumer Electronics / Durables

Tata’s promoted Croma Electronics / Consumer Durables Retail tested the waters of after sales service for their private labels through Croma Care Centers and the results have been encouraging.

Currently, retailers like Reliance Digital raise their hands after sales is done and consumer has to hunt for the service center of the electronics / gadget brand to get it repaired. However, this is all set to change as Croma Care Center is planning to (more…)

India Organized FootWear / Shoes Retail Chain & Brands Review

The Indian footwear is growing at over 10% annually, with the organised segment growing at almost double the industry. Domestic footwear market, estimated at ~Rs 250-300bn, posted CAGR of 10% over 2006-11, With increasing consumption, growing popularity of online shopping, higher affordability and rising income level, per capita footwear consumption is expected to rise to 2.2x from present of 1.87x.

Indian Footwear market is the third largest in terms of pairs sold after China and the United States. The chart below shows rising per capita of footwear / shoes consumption in India. (more…)

Chitale Bandhu – Mithai & Bhakrwadi (Sweetmart) – A 6 Decade Journey. Management + Corporatisation Own Way

Anybody who has ever visited Pune and has a sweet tooth surely would have paid visit to one of Chitale Bandhu Mitahi Shop. The Chitale family first entered the business soon after independence in 1950 and since then have grown at a slow and steady pace to become the market leader in Pune.

Chitale today operates Two of its own flagship shops in Deccan Gymkhana and Baji Road and has offered 11 franchisees to cater to the growing needs of Pune. Chiatale’s offer 60 different sweets and 40 different namkeens to savour your taste buds. Chitale’s Bhakwardis are the hottest selling items with quantity as huge (more…)